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Zellner Plus: Designing Communities With You In Mind

Designing Communities

Zellner Plus is an architectural firm that aims to provide design solutions for communities, neighborhoods, public areas, corporate spaces, private residences, institutional facilities, art galleries, and business showrooms. We design public and private spaces for single or mixed-use structures.
Zellner Plus has a team of architects who conduct planning and research to create award-winning designs for our clients. We give due importance to careful research because we want to provide everything that our clients need. We examine the site’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The concept that arises from our research will give us a solid foundation for the project at hand. We are meticulous and privy to details to make sure that we have covered all the important aspects of form and design. That is how we come up with functional designs without compromising the aesthetics of the place. Our clients are also assured that we have all the necessary safety and security measures in place, and have taken all steps to ensure efficiency and sustainability, durability and maintenance of the area. While ensuring all of these important factors, we do not forget to splash it with our brand of creativity to set your place apart from other houses, buildings, or communities. We do not compromise the aesthetic value over functional design because we believe that we can achieve both and still get the nod of approval from our clients. Because through it all, we design the area with your needs, preferences, and future in mind.

Zellner Plus offers planning and research to create functional and creative architectural designs for houses, offices, and communities. We also do full project management wherein we coordinate with all the contractors, engineers, and Tempe garage door repairmen from planning until the completion of the project. We make sure that everything is followed according to plan or if there are divergences, they would be for the improvement of the project. We adhere to the highest standard of service and promise to deliver our client’s requirements plus more. Our team at Zellner Plus is constantly striving for excellence. We make sure we go the extra mile to add features that would enhance not only the aesthetic value of the structure but also the security and durability of the site. We have received numerous awards for our service including the Pritzker Architecture Prize for our work in Cairo, Egypt and the AIA Gold Medal for the sustainable design of Clark County.

You can browse through our website to see the Zellner Plus brand of service. We have a portfolio of all our projects for your reference. Some of the projects that Zellner Plus designed are the Solar Field House, National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design, Matta Clark County, Tokyo Fashion Museum, Luminous Sphere, The Project, Art LA, Red Cat Lounge, 554 West 23rd Street, Wall Space, Maccarone Inc., UCR Sweeney Gallery, Toy Factory Loft, Martin House, Mark Moore Gallery, Susanne Vielmetter, Matthew Marks Gallery, Ataba and Opera Squares, HDJ70 House, and YMCA HQ. Our unique approach to designs and styles set us apart from our competitors because Zellner Plus designs communities with you in mind.

How to Avoid Garage Door Repair

Do you agree that having an automatic garage door is a big blessing? Your life seems to go perfectly as you don’t need to waste your time getting in and out to operate a garage door. Since the garage door is doing so much to facilitate your life, you should reward it by doing maintenance regularly. There are several reputed and registered companies like, Rocket Garage Door Repair Griffin that offer garage door maintenance and repair services at a very affordable cost.

Check garage door springs

In order to check the performance of garage door springs, you should open it on its half path. If the garage door does not stay at the point where it is commanded and opens completely. It indicates that garage door springs are too tight. On the opposite side, if the garage door shuts back quickly, it means that springs are too loose. If you found worn or rusty springs, it’s the right time to replace them with the new one. Remember, don’t perform garage door springs work by yourself as it can be dangerous if you don’t know what is going on. Call a professional to handle the garage door springs.  

Check garage door tracks

You should clean and lubricate the garage door tracks regularly to avoid the costly frequent garage door repairs and to keep the garage door bolts and screws in good working shape. In addition to this, you should check the garage door tracks regularly to maintain their level and alignment.

Check the weather stripping seals

If your garage door has weather seals, it is something you will have to check regularly. If it is falling down, you will have to replace them with new stripping to make are that your garage door is sealed properly. This factor is really important if you have an attached garage. If your weatherstripping is not working the way it should be, it shows that your garage door is losing heat which will increase your energy bills.

Keep your garage door clean

Although you may think that it is not important but you will have to wash the garage door regularly. You can use a mild washing liquid to wash the garage door. It will help you to keep your garage door in good condition and prevent it from unnecessary repairs.  

Having a wood garage door

There is no doubt that wooden garage doors look elegant and stylish but they need a high amount of maintenance. In order to protect it, you will have to polish it every couple of years. If you are living in an area that has extreme climate conditions, applying the stain will increase the life span of your garage door.

Don’t be so cheap

I know it sounds too rude but you should not be cheap when it comes to garage door repair and maintenance. In some cases, you should call a professional garage door company instead of handling it on your own. Especially, if you don’t know what the problem behind the malfunctioning garage door is, it’s time to get some professional assistance.

A Dream Community From The Children’s Perspective

Dream house

We asked the children to draw their dream houses and community. It is really interesting to know a child’s concept of an ideal house and the surrounding structures all over it. Some of them want to live in simple houses while others want to live in multi-level structures. But they all want their homes to be colorful. They painted their houses yellow, red, blue, purple, orange, green, and they come in different shades too. They even want incorporate other colorful external hardware to make their houses unique. They also want to be close to nature – with trees, plants, flowers, and birds all over the place. There should be plenty of open spaces for trails and parks that they can use for their recreation. There should be a playground too. The surroundings they painted were clean and free from pollution. Everything in their drawings project an image of a safe place for them to stay and play with other children. They also wanted their homes to be spacious, very much in contrast to their present surroundings because most of them live in high-rise condominium units. There should be sufficient room for each member of the family and with a space where they can play and have fun within the house. Some elaborated on which appliances they want to have such as television sets, speakers, airconditioning units, home heaters, and ovens. Some even want to have their own cars and swimming pools. All of the pictures that they drew reflected how much they want to live in a house and community where they could be free to enjoy life under the sun – with their family and friends. Children are care-free. They just want to have fun. And as adults, we should give them that opportunity. We should take these things into consideration and design kid-safe and kid-friendly communities.

A House of Our Own

House of Our Own

Finally, we are moving into our new house. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we have been renting a small apartment in the city. It was a comfortable place which offered us lots of conveniences since it was very accessible to our place of work, to the malls, grocery store, and everything else that we needed. But now that we are about to start our own family, we decided to buy our own house. There were many factors to take into consideration as we were looking into different houses. Of course, we wanted to have a bigger place not only inside but also outside. The house should be big enough for us with provision for our kids’ own rooms when they grow up. We also wanted to have a small garden and some space outside where our kids could play. Location-wise, it should still be accessible especially in our workplace. But houses in the city are very expensive and they do not really appeal to me as a place for our family. I was looking for the rustic charm and quiet ambiance of the suburbs as a place to raise our children – where there are less hustle and bustle compared to the city. Financially, it was also more affordable. We were so happy when we found this house. We knew right away that it was the perfect place for our future family. It is a lovely two-story house with a garden in front and a backyard where the kids can play in the future. I can imagine putting up a small playground and maybe even a treehouse in that area. It was a single detached house which was inside a gated community. This gave us the security that we needed especially when we already have kids playing outside our house. It is a lovely neighborhood. I cannot wait to get started with the decoration of the exterior and interior of this place that we can call our own. We will be starting with our Tempe garage door installation this week.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Zellner Plus: Designing Communities

It is part of our corporate social responsibility to lend our services to those who need them the most but do not have the resources for them. This year, our company is proud to announce that we will be a part of the rehabilitation efforts of a war-torn community somewhere in Southeast Asia. We will share the exact details later on but now, we want to share our plans on how to go about with the rehabilitation process. It will be a collective effort involving the local and national government, companies from the business sector, and humanitarian organizations and partners (like us). We would be providing support to the architectural plan of the community. We already started doing our research to get to know the people and their community better. This is important so that we can lay out culturally appropriate plans and design the community accordingly.

It is predominantly a residential area. There should be open spaces that children and adults can use for recreation. The dominant religions here are Islam and Roman Catholic. The people’s main sources of livelihood are farming and fishing. They also use to have a public market and small mall where the locals could sell their produce and catch for the day. There were small businesses to cater to the needs of the people. We are in coordination with the local and national government regarding their budget so that we know how we can allocate their resources properly. So far, we have taken into account the proper zoning and land use so that we can maximize the city’s natural resources. Homes should be durable to protect them from typhoons. We would have custom garage doors in their houses. There should be places for worship for the different religions in the area since faith is important for the people. There would also be a marketplace, schools, and government offices. These are the things we have to include in our architectural plan for the community.