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Zellner Plus: Designing Communities With You In Mind

Designing Communities

Zellner Plus is an architectural firm that aims to provide design solutions for communities, neighborhoods, public areas, corporate spaces, private residences, institutional facilities, art galleries, and business showrooms. We design public and private spaces for single or mixed-use structures.
Zellner Plus has a team of architects who conduct planning and research to create award-winning designs for our clients. We give due importance to careful research because we want to provide everything that our clients need. We examine the site’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The concept that arises from our research will give us a solid foundation for the project at hand. We are meticulous and privy to details to make sure that we have covered all the important aspects of form and design. That is how we come up with functional designs without compromising the aesthetics of the place. Our clients are also assured that we have all the necessary safety and security measures in place, and have taken all steps to ensure efficiency and sustainability, durability and maintenance of the area. While ensuring all of these important factors, we do not forget to splash it with our brand of creativity to set your place apart from other houses, buildings, or communities. We do not compromise the aesthetic value over functional design because we believe that we can achieve both and still get the nod of approval from our clients. Because through it all, we design the area with your needs, preferences, and future in mind.

Zellner Plus offers planning and research to create functional and creative architectural designs for houses, offices, and communities. We also do full project management wherein we coordinate with all the contractors, engineers, and Tempe garage door repairmen from planning until the completion of the project. We make sure that everything is followed according to plan or if there are divergences, they would be for the improvement of the project. We adhere to the highest standard of service and promise to deliver our client’s requirements plus more. Our team at Zellner Plus is constantly striving for excellence. We make sure we go the extra mile to add features that would enhance not only the aesthetic value of the structure but also the security and durability of the site. We have received numerous awards for our service including the Pritzker Architecture Prize for our work in Cairo, Egypt and the AIA Gold Medal for the sustainable design of Clark County.

You can browse through our website to see the Zellner Plus brand of service. We have a portfolio of all our projects for your reference. Some of the projects that Zellner Plus designed are the Solar Field House, National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design, Matta Clark County, Tokyo Fashion Museum, Luminous Sphere, The Project, Art LA, Red Cat Lounge, 554 West 23rd Street, Wall Space, Maccarone Inc., UCR Sweeney Gallery, Toy Factory Loft, Martin House, Mark Moore Gallery, Susanne Vielmetter, Matthew Marks Gallery, Ataba and Opera Squares, HDJ70 House, and YMCA HQ. Our unique approach to designs and styles set us apart from our competitors because Zellner Plus designs communities with you in mind.