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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Zellner Plus: Designing Communities

It is part of our corporate social responsibility to lend our services to those who need them the most but do not have the resources for them. This year, our company is proud to announce that we will be a part of the rehabilitation efforts of a war-torn community somewhere in Southeast Asia. We will share the exact details later on but now, we want to share our plans on how to go about with the rehabilitation process. It will be a collective effort involving the local and national government, companies from the business sector, and humanitarian organizations and partners (like us). We would be providing support to the architectural plan of the community. We already started doing our research to get to know the people and their community better. This is important so that we can lay out culturally appropriate plans and design the community accordingly.

It is predominantly a residential area. There should be open spaces that children and adults can use for recreation. The dominant religions here are Islam and Roman Catholic. The people’s main sources of livelihood are farming and fishing. They also use to have a public market and small mall where the locals could sell their produce and catch for the day. There were small businesses to cater to the needs of the people. We are in coordination with the local and national government regarding their budget so that we know how we can allocate their resources properly. So far, we have taken into account the proper zoning and land use so that we can maximize the city’s natural resources. Homes should be durable to protect them from typhoons. We would have custom garage doors in their houses. There should be places for worship for the different religions in the area since faith is important for the people. There would also be a marketplace, schools, and government offices. These are the things we have to include in our architectural plan for the community.