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A House of Our Own

House of Our Own

Finally, we are moving into our new house. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we have been renting a small apartment in the city. It was a comfortable place which offered us lots of conveniences since it was very accessible to our place of work, to the malls, grocery store, and everything else that we needed. But now that we are about to start our own family, we decided to buy our own house. There were many factors to take into consideration as we were looking into different houses. Of course, we wanted to have a bigger place not only inside but also outside. The house should be big enough for us with provision for our kids’ own rooms when they grow up. We also wanted to have a small garden and some space outside where our kids could play. Location-wise, it should still be accessible especially in our workplace. But houses in the city are very expensive and they do not really appeal to me as a place for our family. I was looking for the rustic charm and quiet ambiance of the suburbs as a place to raise our children – where there are less hustle and bustle compared to the city. Financially, it was also more affordable. We were so happy when we found this house. We knew right away that it was the perfect place for our future family. It is a lovely two-story house with a garden in front and a backyard where the kids can play in the future. I can imagine putting up a small playground and maybe even a treehouse in that area. It was a single detached house which was inside a gated community. This gave us the security that we needed especially when we already have kids playing outside our house. It is a lovely neighborhood. I cannot wait to get started with the decoration of the exterior and interior of this place that we can call our own. We will be starting with our Tempe garage door installation this week.