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A Dream Community From The Children’s Perspective

Dream house

We asked the children to draw their dream houses and community. It is really interesting to know a child’s concept of an ideal house and the surrounding structures all over it. Some of them want to live in simple houses while others want to live in multi-level structures. But they all want their homes to be colorful. They painted their houses yellow, red, blue, purple, orange, green, and they come in different shades too. They even want incorporate other colorful external hardware to make their houses unique. They also want to be close to nature – with trees, plants, flowers, and birds all over the place. There should be plenty of open spaces for trails and parks that they can use for their recreation. There should be a playground too. The surroundings they painted were clean and free from pollution. Everything in their drawings project an image of a safe place for them to stay and play with other children. They also wanted their homes to be spacious, very much in contrast to their present surroundings because most of them live in high-rise condominium units. There should be sufficient room for each member of the family and with a space where they can play and have fun within the house. Some elaborated on which appliances they want to have such as television sets, speakers, airconditioning units, home heaters, and ovens. Some even want to have their own cars and swimming pools. All of the pictures that they drew reflected how much they want to live in a house and community where they could be free to enjoy life under the sun – with their family and friends. Children are care-free. They just want to have fun. And as adults, we should give them that opportunity. We should take these things into consideration and design kid-safe and kid-friendly communities.